End-user responsibility

End-User Presence Is Critical

The wood manufacturer states, in their installation and warranty guidelines, that they control all of the steps involved in its production of prefinished wood floors from kiln drying to finishing. As hardwood is a product of nature, it is not perfect. Industry standards allow a tolerance in quality variation not exceeding 5% of the total quantity purchased. We strongly recommend that the customer interview several prospective wood flooring installers for their qualifications. Ask them for references and make telephone calls to check them out. Approximately 40% of the reasons for installation failure and/or customer dissatisfaction is due to installer error. They must be the professional on the job. However, YOUR PRESENCE DURING THE INSTALLATION IS CRUCIAL. If you decide to hire an installer who will install your hardwood (or bamboo) floor without your supervision it is YOUR responsibility to ensure the good judgment of the installer. The installer must inspect and cull those boards which are defective or undesirable. The installer should be selective when assessing the quality of the wood, grading, and lengths of boards, and when arranging floor boards according to the natural variations, such as color and grain of the species selected. If you were present during the installation of your floor you can ask your installer to place boards in areas that are less visible and according to your taste, rather than in the center of the room or near the focal point of the room, such as the fireplace. The wood manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any unpleasant surprise resulting from the installer's lack of qualifications or poor judgment. Once the floor is installed the ownership and responsibility to resolve any disputes is between the installer and the end user.

Board Selection – Customer and Installer

The end user and installer are responsible for the final inspection and approval of boards being installed. If the customer chooses not to be present during the installation period, they forgo their ability and right to participate in the board selection process. In doing so, they have left the selection of boards up to the judgment of the installer. Once installed, the end user and installer own the floor. This has been a long standing wood flooring industry standard.

Failure of Installer to Satisfy the Owner

The installer is commissioned and contracted by the owner. Owners should choose their installer carefully by checking references and previous job experience, etc. The cheapest is not always the best. Installing hardwood flooring is a highly skilled operation. The contract to install is between the owner and the installer. Wego is in no way responsible for the owner's choice of installer or any failure by the installer to satisfy the owner.