Diverse, refined & always flexible product offerings delivered where you want, when you want

Wego provides value in our pricing, quality assurance, and level of service. Our objective is to further aid your organization with a cost savings strategy by providing competitive pricing and approved quality of various grades of flooring. We continually scour the market and keep our finger on the pulse of changing consumer demands. We are capable of meeting our customers’ specific requests of various finishings, gloss levels, panel dimensions, quality levels, species and packaging.

Our strategic alliance with a network of wood flooring factories supports our competitive advantage of having the ability to source virtually any grade of flooring, with any specification. Our network of over 30 strategically located warehouses across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico serve as distribution centers for our efficient “just in time” delivery service.

Our competencies include:
  • Team of industry veterans directing product cycle from sourcing to sales and customer service
  • Diverse range of flooring products
  • Custom product solutions based on customers' tastes and needs
  • Custom logistics solutions based on customers' logistical requirements
  • Proactive regional stocking of flooring at distribution centers based on client demand cycles
  • Robust logistics operational infrastructure
  • Long term relationships with shipping lines and agents
  • Vast domestic distribution network
  • Constant monitoring of product shipments from order initiation to delivery
  • System to ensure products meet all required standards
  • Compliance with all international safety and regulatory requirements
  • Support system focused on execution and communication of flooring orders
  • Tailored solutions fit to customers' needs
  • Constant communication with customers throughout order fulfillment