A global supplier of premium floor covering products with an international manufacturing network

Wego International Floors is a global private label importer and supplier of premium flooring. We are a subsidiary of Wego Chemical Group, with operational alignments in logistics and warehousing management.

Wego offers wood flooring collections of diverse builds, species, grains and styles—always meeting the forefront of market demand—servicing a range of distributors, retailers, installers, contractors, and developers.

Our relationships with manufacturers enable us to devise custom products for our customers. Wego identifies flooring sources originating in all corners of the globe-including but not limited to Europe, South America and the Far East. We pass the benefits of globalization along to our customers.

Our value proposition includes:

  • Servicing our customers with high quality products at wholesale prices by establishing strong relationships with hardwood manufacturers in all parts of the world
  • Creating the perfect flooring solutions for our customers, in terms of product type, quantity, and other specifications
  • Working with customers to fit their logistical timeline
  • Handling all customs, regulatory, transport, warehousing, customer service, and logistics related needs associated with importing and distributing

Our solutions leverage our knowledge of hardwood products and interior design, our global reach with manufacturers, our vast warehousing network, and our robust logistics operation. We provide our customers with the ability to extract value—in the form of imported premium flooring—from the entire global manufacturing landscape.